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Open Beta Information

Hello everyone!


Open Beta Launches at 17.00 Server Time 16th October.
Download Page will be updated then.

Our client installer will also check if you have proper .NET framework / DirectX and fonts installed on your system. If not it will update it for you if you allow it.

Anti-hack will scan your system every time you start the launcher. Scan takes about 20-60 seconds.

You can open multiple windows (up to 3) if you want. Just press "Play" button in your launcher.

All the rates are the same as on the planned release.

Please use the first Gameserver for testing.

There are still few small things that will be improved and changed under the upcoming week.
We will also update all the guides on our website.

Our advertising campaign will start this week to bring more players.

If you find any bugs, please report them to our staff on discord or forums.

Any feedback is appreciated. You can also leave your suggestions on the forums or discord.

Windows Defender might detect our installer as threat but you don't have to worry.


Best Regards,
Paragon Network Team