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WTF with mobs balance ?

dw 350 lvl  0 rr  cant stand solo  without npc buff even in dungeon 2 embeland or atlans1  :OOOO

what can you say about it ? is it normal? 😀

there is no talks about it!  you need to change smthg .  low maps for newbies way to strong.

if you say its normal or standart  HP and ATT power  in this version. i will call you a liar.

No All monsters and their HP is boosted . This setting is to have a more progressive experiencing.

So that players don't jump from lorencia to lost tower at level 80 ( like on many other servers) and same goes with other maps. We want our players to explore all maps while leveling, doing their first resets in Losttower / Aida / Tarkan (in party) , then slowly progressing to Icarus, Acheron etc.