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[S19 03.06.2024] S19 Episode 2.1 Update

  • All Class PvP ReBalance to match Episode 2.1
  • Dark Lord character class renewal (reworked skill trees, new skills, combat power)
    • Maximum Attack speed change
    • Changes in existing items for the class
    • Changes to existing Dark Lord pets: Dark Spirit and Dark Horse
    • New Pets: Divine Horse, Divine Spirits - Ice, Fire, Holy
    • Dark Lord Mastery Shields
    • New Mastery Item Mixes

[S19 03.03.2024] S19 Episode 3 Update

  • All Class PvP ReBalance to match Episode 3
  • PvM damage changes for certain classes that had a mix of AOE and Single Target.
  • 5th Class Skill Rebalance
  • Nuke Damage Adjusted and standardized for all classes - every class will deal the same damage, however we are still lacking the official information about Nuke/Aoe/Bolt to see if it will be used in other than monster PvM.
  • Nuke/AOE/Bolt Damage Fix - Removed possibility to damage structures that were not alive, removed possibility to bug events or deal damage to elite elemental monsters.
  • Extra damage could cause a damage during selected events waiting period
  • Offlevel feature turned On
  • Blade Knight Range issue with skill fixed. Explanation: Blow Skill has 5 range, when used with Swordsman Buff, its range increases to 7. (Before it was 6 all the time)
  • Fifth wings could come with corrupted wing core slot when obtained from selected systems
  • Fix Certain skills of fifth type did not work in Off-Level mode
  • FIX Ability card option Level/20 was not applied correctly
  • FIX Character's Mana could go down after performing certain actions due to invalid calculations of Ability Tree options
  • FIX Hide Zen and Items on ground does not work for Anti-Lag plugin
  • FIX Fourth tree debuff field visual effect could get accumulated what resulted in decrease of game client performance

-Fixed Wrath Skill display for Grow Lancer

In the works:

  • National Flag System
  • MuHelper Plus - official "auto-return bot". MuHelper Plus allows players to chose a spot and their character (and the party) will exp there and return on death. This feature is fully coded by us however we are not releasing it yet. Before we do we will put it up to vote.
  • New Invasions rewarding more horn crystals, ruud, gp, wcoin
  • New Rewards from Arca War - Exp bonus will be removed and the buffs will be increased as well as a general reward issued to the Guild Master who won the event.
  • Nix-Ferea, God reward rework
[S19 12.02.2024] S19 Episode Update
  • EXP Buff for New Characters - EXP from 1 to 40 Resets is now 1000 EXP instead of 500.
  • Starter Paragon Buff has now 48H duration of Pets
  • All Bosses reset and their respawn reduced
  • Changed Drop for Elites
  • Added Uriel Feathers to the drop on high maps and elites
  • Added Ability Crystals to the drop on high maps and elites
  • Current Creation of Superlative Top Stone is now fully working - it will be described in the new guide on the website (Wing Creation)
  • Added Superlative Top Stone to Ruud Vendor
  • Added Core Level 1 Chart to Ruud Vendor
  • Added Core Reinforcement Stone to Ruud Vendor
  • Spawned Eunice - 5th Quest NPC in Devias/Offlevel Feature is currently disabled due to server crash possibility - we are investigating that and will come back with a solution in the coming days
  • Level 3 Wings Max chance 100%
  • Level 5 Wings creation max chance 100% and added 2 EXc option guarantee
  • Removed useless excellent options from wings level 4 and 5.
  • Added Ability Crystal Guide on website
  • Updated ALL Character class guides on the website
  • Quest Progress reset due to bugs related with classes.
  • Magic Stones (Wing Material) Requirement changed from +9+16 to +9+12 instead
  • Jewels will now stack to 250
S19 30.12.2023] S19 Part 1-2 Update
  • Jewel of Instant Life added to the game - makes an item +16 Instantly (more info soon)
  • Preparation for new event ( more info soon)
  • Client namings and item name corrections
  • Abyss Atlans droppable updated and the hotspot monster location changed
  • Jewel of Life Drop increased by 30% from its current drop.
  • Creation of Red Stones from Ancient items in Chaos Machine increased by one (3->4)

Early game rebalance tweak applied. All classes and their damage is still the same, this is only a SCALING change in the early game. This will not affect anyone post-4th level quest. Class Early Game Tweak you can expect:

Dark Knight:

  • Fire and Sword Blow +25%

Soul Master:

  • No changes


  • Rain Arrow +25%
  • Focus Shot -10%

Magic Gladiator:

  • Gigantic Storm - 20%
  • Havok Spear + 20%
  • Fire/Ice Blood + 20%

Dark Lord:

  • Fire Burst + 10%
  • Chaotic + 30%
  • Soul Wind + 15%


  • Chain Lightning + 40%

Rage Fighter:

  • Dark Side - 20%
  • Dragon Roar + 30%
  • Hook + 50%

Grow Lancer

  • Breche + 30%
  • Wild Breath + 30%
  • Oversting + 20%
  • Shining and Magic Pin + 40%

Rune Wizard:

  • No changes

Gun Crasher:

  • Ice / Fire Death + 30%
  • Burst Flare + 20%
  • Ice Blast + 20%


  • Pierce +10%

Lemuria Mage:

  • Marvel Burst + 40%
  • Ultimate Force + 20%

Light WIzard:

  • No changes

Illusion Knight:

  • Blade Storm + 30%
  • Wind Glaive + 30%
  • Charge + 20%

S19 20.12.2023] S19 Part 1-2 Technical Update

Paragon Update from Season 18 part 2-2 to Season 19 Part 1 (Technical Part). Technical part means we updated the files and allowed access to new features, however, all S19 Content will be introduced on 22.12.2023.

  • New S19 Client Added for download
  • New Map Tormenta Island Added
  • New Ruud Apocalypse Weapon upgrade for all classes added
  • New Ruud Ancient Mastery Sets Lightning upgrade for all classes added
  • Grow Lancer Class Renewal- Grow Lancer has been reworked
  • ALL PVM Damage Re-worked for all classes. Now the damage categories are split into 4.

1- Single Target Close Range or Rarely used Skill 115% Damage ( Spirit Hook, Magic-Pin, Marvel, IceBlood, )

2 - Single Target Skill - 100% Damage (Meteor Strike, FireBlow, Oversting etc.)

3 - Semi AOE - 70% Damage (Ineria, Dragon Violet, Ultimate Force, SwordBlow etc.)

4 - Massive AOE - 40% Damage (Meteor Storm, Spear Storm, Havoc)

What does that mean?

It means for example that Meteor Strike being Single Target skill (Cat 2) will deal 10 mln Damage Per Second to a single mob but Meteor Storm being Massive AOE Category 4 deals 40% = 4 mln DPS to a single mob.

So in 1v1 scenario AOE Skills will not be as effective and in 3v1 scenarios AOE skills will be better (PVM) Why change? This already was implemented however ratio was 100%(ST) to 60%(AOE)

This will be shown in the new video on youtube (Upload 22.12.2023)

  • ALL PVP Re-worked and Re-Tested due to all skill changes. PvP Patch will be applied 22.12.2023 as final event scenarios and buffs are polished.

Content Update is planned for 21-22 December

  • Boss Drop Tables Change
  • New Turorial and guide updates
  • Spots Added
  • Apocalypse Horn Added to drop
  • PvP new Balance Implementation
  • Event Drop Changes
  • Mix Chance changes for various systems
  • And much more

S18 29.11.2023] S18 Part 2-2 Update

Paragon Unique feature has been created to perform smooth class change and item class swaps. (This is system is very complex and if anything is out of the ordinary please contact livechat support)

  • Trade Wcoin Containers from X Shop moved into category "Extras"
  • New Category Added to the X Shop - Class Change
  • 16 New Shiftstones were added to the game - for now only available for Wcoin
  • Shiftstone is a jewel that can be used on ANY Excellent RUUD Weapon or Ancient Ruud Armor in order to swap that item for different class. All excellent options of that item as well as harmony options are transferred as well.

For example player wants to change ELF Apocalypse Armor +DD+HP + Harmony into DK Apocalypse armor, now its possible! Or perhaps you wish to change your Brilliant Bow into a Brilliant Sword, that is also possible. Just get the proper shiftstone and apply it into the item to swap!

  • Change Class cost has been reduced from 6000 Wcoin to 3000 on web.
  • 2 New Proffesion shiftstones added - MG Shiftstone that changes Swords into Staffs and Class Shiftstone that changes Bows into Quivers, or Staff into Magic Book or Stick into Summoner Book

We understand that grinding all items from scratch for a new character can be a bit demotivating so we hope this system will bring some joy.

[S18 24.11.2023] S18 Episode 3 Part 2-2

  • Exp for newbies increased further
  • NEW: Added Custom Jewel - Jewel of 4th Class Wing change. - This jewel can be used on ANY wings level 4 to change them into a Voucher. This Voucher is a brand new system that lets you pick new wings for ANY class.

In other words, this item allows you to change level 4 wings to your class. For the time being, exchanging the Vouncher is only available in Crywolf Map

  • Golden Sentence Drop increased by 15% on all maps
  • Golden Sentence Added to Ruud Shop
  • Golden Sentence drop increased from Elites
  • Jewel of 4th Class Wing added to X Shop Goblin Points
  • Jewel of 4th Class Wing added to X Shop Wcoin
  • Jewel of 4th Class Wing added to Ruud Vendor

Prices and settings might change or be adjusted in the future as we are still testing this.

[S18 01.11.2023] S18 Episode 3 Part 2-2

  • Doppelganger Event Monster spawn changed. They will no longer spawn in the middle of the event, instead, the monsters will appear 3/4th of the pathway - we hope this change will bring more joy and less greed into Doppleganger.
  • Battle Pass - Daily Missions and Rewards Added. Paragon Pass is divided into 3 categories.
    • Free Pass - Giving HP Buff and Crystal Horn Buff
    • EXP Pass  - Giving up to 10% Exp and some BoL
    • Value Pass - Giving Wcoins and rewards(rewards might change from edition to edition)
    • More information is found in the guides on our wiki page.
  • Jewel of 3rd Excellence added - This custom jewel add a 3rd excellent option (Only usable on Excellent items with 2 options) - more info and drop in the guides.
  • Elite Monsters in Bloody Tarkan- item drop changed from 80% to 100%
  • Reset Rewards changed once again - Rewards are issued to players every 10/30 Resets, depending on the server. Reward changes available on wiki page.
  • New Item and Buff Added:  Horn Crystal - When killing a monster, you can obtain the 'Mastery Spirit Crystal' - This item and its purpose are explained in the mastery guide on our website. Mastery Ruud Items ( It is a catch-up mechanic for players to gather the Soul of Silverheart/Manticore/Brilliant by hunting regular monsters instead of Bosses.
  • Jewel of Full Option removed from Boss and Event Rewards. It will be only available on rare occasions and no longer the "meta" jewel on the server.
  • X shop changes:
    • Added Ticket for Doppelganger
    • Removed PvP Category and Replaced with Battle Pass.
    • Added EXP Pass Ticket
    • Added Paragon Pass Ticket
    • Scroll of Protection Removed
    • Scroll of Quickness Removed
    • Scroll of Wrath Removed
    • Scroll of Wizardry Removed
    • Scroll of Strengthener Removed
    • Scroll of Battle Removed
    • Scroll of Health Removed
  • Above mentioned Buffs were added to the Goblin Point shop instead so that they can be bought by everyone. We believe this change will improve the balance further between players who donate and players who don't. Especially in the very early game.
[S18 23.09.2023] S18 Episode 3 Part 2-2
  • Elite Monsters added to Blood Tarkan and Ignis Volcano map - they will have new exclusive rewards. - Respawn is random (3-7 hours)
  • Reset Rewards changed - New rewards for thresholds and passive 100 WC, 100 Goblin point and 1000 Ruud per reset after 128 Resets.
  • Minor visual effect changed and text was corrected to display right values.
  • Starter Gift added for everyone creating new character (this will be boosted for new players after few days)
  • Selupan BOSS Respawn reduced
[S18 22.09.2023] S18 Episode 3 Part 2-2
  • [NEW] Character Renewal, introducing Combat power to Knight, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter and Slayer classes
  • [NEW] New Guardian: Ur and Ur (Rare)
  • [NEW] 6th mastery Earrings: Binding
  • [NEW] New Bloody Tarkan map and Bloody Tarkan monsters
  • [NEW] New grade of Muuns: Tempest
  • [NEW] Renewed Wings Chaos Mix interface
  • [NEW] Renewed Wings Combinations
  • [NEW] Daily characters creation limit
  • [MOD] Networking communication performance improvement
  • [DEL] Removed Crest of Monarch from default drop (item is discontinued)
  • [FIX] Blade Storm Enhancement skill missing 5th barrage attack
  • [FIX] God of Darkness boss zone coordinates were checked wrongly
  • [FIX] Use Inventory Item system does not apply buff
  • NEW]  Battle Pass  (Remains Turned off for now)
  • MuHelper Plus capabilities (Remains Turned off for the time beeing)

Gameplay Changes:

  • Jewel drop rate adjusted to match new server line progression
  • Ruud rewards to match new server line progression
  • Lord Silvester BOSS Drop and Power changed
  • Ferea BOSS Drop changed
  • Spirit of Nixie BOSS Drop changed
  • God of Darkness BOSS Drop changed
  • Removed Silverheart - Apocalypse Souls from Ruud vendor - these will be boss rewards only (there will be other method of acquiring them later)
  • Removed Blueye - Brilliant Anvils from Ruud vendor - these will be boss rewards only (there will be other method of acquiring them later)
  • All MUUN Pet Stats reworked and added more bonuses than previously
  • Removed some spots in Tarkan/Icarus/Lost Tower
  • Added more spots in last maps
  • Adjusted droprate for Ignis volcano - Artifact Enhancers
  • Adjusted droprate for Blood Tarkan
  • Level 4 wings MIX increased to max 100% Chance to craft
  • Level 4 wings MIX result back to random
  • Level 4 wings material drop reduced
  • Pet Panda EXP Reduced from 20 to 15
  • Panda Pet/ Skeleton Pet Ring EXP Bonus Reduced - from 10 to 5
  • Talisman of Experience Reduced from 30 to 15
  • Minor WCoin price adjustments in the X shop
  • Passive rewards for reset added after 128 resets
  • All stats gain max stats at 128 resets (including Dark Lord who previously had to make 32 extra resets for command)
  • Ur Mount Added and stats adjusted
  • All RARE Pets will now have the same stats as normal pets, the only difference will be visual (still 20% chance to get red version)
  • Some Harmony options adjusted ( Life recovery, Max life, SD rate)
  • SD Small and Medium Potion effectiveness reduced and cooldown increased but still remains relevant in PvP
  • Dark Elf respawn reduced by 20%, Def and Magic def increased, HP DecreasedYou can now view drop changes on the wiki page: alldrop (
    However Drop Database is still not updated.


[S183 23.08.2023] S18 Episode 3 - Update

  • Mutant spot in tarkan fixed
  • Ghost Spot in Lorencia fixed
  • Doppelganger PvP config changed - testing ongoing
  • Website Achievements changed to late-game PvP instead of low-level PvP.


[S183 19.08.2022] S18 Episode 3 Update 

  • All 3rd quest monsters are now immune to poison
  • Golden Monsters will be available from server launch however they will deal almost no damage at all.
  • All Players will recieve EXP Panda, Exp Seal and Exp Ring for 1 hour during launch
  • Ignis Volcano Map will now drop Artifact enhancers, more chance to drop Spider Artifacts and we will be introducing new elites to that map.
  • Mini Games will now award more jewels for wins
  • All Boss monster health reduced by 10%
  • All Invasion Bosses and monsters Reward Type changed - LAST HIT will now grant the reward.
  • However Bosses not included in the invasion time will still count as "most damage dealt"
  • Dynamic XP Introduced - EXP will be reduced by 50 every 20 Resets - from 500 down to 250.
  • Dynamic Newbie Boost introduced - Every day early resets will gain additional bonus EXP: Example :
    After 3 days - 1-10 Resets - 700 XP
    After 7 Days - 1-10 Resets - 1000 XP and 11-20 Resets 700XP
  • We have few more news that will be implemented after launch and will keep you updated.


[S183 10.06.2022] S18 Episode 3 Update 

  • Character no longer logs out after /reset
  • 3d Camera Added
  • Golden monsters slightly nerfed
  • Ferea Boss slightly nerfed


[S183 02.05.2022] S18 Episode 3 Update 4 - pre-launch

- Event Timers on the Website structure change to show from shortest time remaining - this should save some time on the search 🙂 We still recommend refreshing the page when you check timers though.
- Lord Silvester Rewards Updated
- Selupan Rewards Updated -
- Nixie Rewards Updated
- God of Darkness Rewards Updated
- - Ferea Lord Rewards Updated
- Mirror Event Rewards Updated
- Illusion Temple PvP event configured and planned for 800 lvl + Players - Nice Capture the flag PvP rewarding players with WCOINS and surprise rewards ( it can be anything from an apple to a garuda feather). To make it fair to ALL players even the weaker ones, all teams will be composed randomly from all participants. So one time you might have a better team and sometimes you might have worse.
- All Event Level Requirements changed - No longer 50-199 200-400 etc. Please check "T" for information.
- Ignis Volcano Spots added
- Ignis Volcano XP Increased
- Harmony Option - Life Recovery changed from % to Flat amount.
- Additional ways of gaining zen will be introduced
- Lots of excellent item drops fixed for certain classes
- Normal Apocalypse items added to the drop

[S183 -01.4.2022] S18 Episode 3 Update 3 - pre-launch

  • [MOD] Changed scheduler for Boss battle Together event (file structure changed)
  • [FIX] Rare scenario game client getting a "black screen" upon entry to the game
  • [FIX] Helper Assign and party Move functions do not work
  • [FIX] Helper Assign improperly manages/moves to party master coordinates
  • [FIX] Fourth skill tree debuffs as described on skill tooltip
  • [FIX] Game Server crash
  • [FIX] MuRummy x3 mini-game does not issue proper number of reward
  • [FIX] Harmony HP recovery option does not work properly - will now have higher but Flat value
  • [FIX] Part of character data not being loaded after use of party move between different channels
  • [FIX] Selection of skills does not work while ridding a Fenrir
  • [FIX] Party Gap settings does not properly detects levels difference between selected party members
  • [FIX] Third class check dependent systems were failing because invalid detection of third character class
  • [FIX] VIP characters were not always properly disconnected upon VIP expiry
  • [FIX] Bleeding Debuff of fourth skill tree was applying additional (yellow) damage on every barrage instead of first barrage only
  • [FIX] Certain actions could fill a limit of Instances in Instance Game Server
  • [FIX] Use of Darkness or Berserker buffs of summoner could lead in HP going to negative value
  • [FIX] Disabled ability to set unsupported expiration date on Artifact items
  • [FIX] Altair in Illusion Temple event (Renewal/League) was getting stuck/unusable after occupying it player was pushed away
  • [FIX] Selected actions time overlap resulted in improper behavior of Illusion Temple event (Renewal/League)
  • [FIX] Inability to equip items inside Illusion Temple event (Renewal/League)
  • [FIX] Third artifact option did not display properly after reset
  • [FIX] Invalid description and functionality of selected artifact options
  • [FIX] Use of Darkness or Berserker buffs of Summoner could lead in invalid HP calculation

[S183 -01.3.2022] S18 Episode 3 Update 2


  • Gaion Event (Imperial Guardian) is now replaced with a new refreshed Varka Event:
    • New Invitation "Varka Entrance Ticket" will now drop from all monsters above Icarus.
    • Old "Suspicious Scrap of Paper" and "Gaions Order" are no longer in use and should be sold to an NPC
    • To enter Varka event you have to Right-click the new invitation and you will get teleported to a "Waiting Room" where you enter desired Varka Event. We have only added level 1, but there are more levels coming soon!
  • Boss Room is now available
    • Every 8 Hours there will be a Boss Fight Event available for all players that rewards with custom Jewels
    • To enter the Fight simply click the icon just like any other event "BC/DS/DD" etc.
    • You need to have a Ticket as well called "Boss Battle Ticket" - it drops from monsters just like Elenas Letter and Varka Ticket
  • Artifact System is now available
    • "Spider Artifact Fragment" will drop from all monsters and you can unlock them in the chaos machine in "Regular Mix" There is a full guide coming so stay tuned.
  • New Upgrade from Manticore to Brilliant Weapon is available
  • New Upgrade from Brilliant Armor to Apocalypse Armor is available and we added the new bonuses for these sets just like we did on the previous ones so they have boosted stats HP and Damage Reduction


  • Level 3 and level 4 Wings will have a chance of creation -10% and the Golden Sentence drop is reduced by 30%. However! All Level 4 wings will now be created for the character that is performing the mix! This will be a less frustrating system as a lot of players complained about wings RNG and came up with some weird conspiracy theories that we change the chance of wings for certain classes. We can assure you that was never the case and quite frankly it's impossible to config on IGCN Files.
  • Master Ancient Items Upgrade (Bloodangel -> Apocalypse) will now save LUCK option as well. Before it was 50% random on each craft.
  • Spots added to all new maps along with minimap update. We will be changing some drops soon as well.
  • Gaion NPC Removed from the market as its no longer working
  • Suspicious Scrap of paper removed from the drop
  • Boss Battle Ticket, Varka Event Ticket and Artifact Fragments added to the drop

[S18 -19.12.2022] S18 Updates Live 5-6

  • - Illusion Knight Charge Slash skill "jump" range has been decreased in some scenarios preventing him to bug certain things
  • - like for example jumping on the gate in BC before monsters were killed. This occurrence is still going to happen sometime however our change will decrease this abuse. And we will look further how to improve quality of this class in the future.
  • - Website Support for Illusion Knight has been added: Ranking Filter for IK added, Reset stats for IK fixed etc.
  • - Castle Siege AOE Targeting with some skills have been added - meaning mass AOE skills will require manual targeting also, not all skills have been tested therefore we kindly ask for patience.
  • - Combat Quiver added to moss merchant
  • - All Pentagram items are rewamped - they caused some random issues while upgrading or placing errtels in pentagrams. This issue appeared yesterday and is now solved.
  • - 4th Skill Tree for Energy Elf - Attack Enhancement bug fixed
  • - Grow Lancer Breche Skill Reworked - It will now add double the range (max 7) but reduce its damage to be viable in aoe Scenarios. The damage will be similar to other massive AOE skills.

[S18 -17.12.2022] S18 Updates Live 4

  • Overall Quality of Life improvement for all Bosses, Invasion monsters and some creatures - they will be much harder to max range/bug and afk farm.
  • - changes will be applied randomly during the night. - New Hide and Seek Event - Paragon Gm will spawn randomly - person who finds it first gets Wcoin and Custom jewel
  • -All newly created characters will now receive freebies in form of: Mini wings, 1kk zen, and 30 Bless of Light EXP Buffs.
  • - BC Gates and Statue HP increased and time to close BC added (5min)
  • All Pentagram items are rewamped - they caused some random issues while upgrading or placing errtels in pentagrams. This issue appeared yesterday and is now solved.
  • - 4th Skill Tree for Energy Elf - Attack Enhancement bug fixed
  • - Grow Lancer Breche Skill Reworked - It will now add double the range (max 7) but reduce its damage to be viable in aoe Scenarios. The damage will be similar to other massive AOE skills. Client Restart Needed to apply changes.

[S18 -14.12.2022] S18 Updates Live 1-3

  • IK Skill shops were missing in the X SHop
  • added now - Slayer Sword Interia skill added to skill shop
  •  Dark Transformation Ring (Lilith) Fixed - Dark Side (RF) skill damage reduced by 1000 damage flat.
  • IK Cape level requirements fixed
  • New Guides added to WIKI Page
  • Website Time changed to UTC +0 - was set up wrong and could have been misleading.
  •  Illusion Knight small scaling adjustments - Before Damage = STR/30 + AGI/30. Now = STR/20 + AGI/40. This change does not affect IK Damage, just changes the way of spending points.
  • Golden Invasion Activated (since yesterday)
  • God of Darkness BOSS HP Increased by 30% - we feel like this boss was killed too early by players.
  • The Doppelganger Health multiplier increased for each stage
  • this is to prevent easy KS by other lines by one-shotting. It will still be possible but should not be as easy, we might increase it further.
  •  Doppelganger Final Chest rewards changed - nothing major since DG has XP buff on its own but now the final chest should be more rewarding.
  • Some minor visual bugs were fixed like Socket Bonus Info, Guardian Spirit tooltip, etc.
  • Acheron Protector Event time added -> from 2 times per week to 3 times per week.
  • Some Event times showing wrong times were corrected


[S18 -05.12.2022] S18 Offline Update 2 - Pre Launch 

  • New Invasions were added During Hydra/Balrog/IceQueen. New Monsters will appear in higher maps and instead of jewels will drop materials for Guardian Upgrading
  • Right and Left Earring damage and set bonus have been boosted making earrings more relevant
  • Mastery Pentagram Bonus has been changed

[S18 -01.12.2022] S18 Offline Update 1 - Pre Launch 

  • Illusion Knight Class Added and all skills re-balanced
  • Guardian Pet and some Weapon scaling rebalance for all physical champions
  • Illusion Knight PvP Balance
  • Illusion Knight Sets and rewards added to Shops and general drop
  • Arena Wcoin invasion moved to Vulcanus.
  • New DPS Video released featuring new class
  • New Client Uploaded for Season 18
  • Website Updated
  • Wiki Page and Drop Page will be updated upon launch.

[S17 -20.10.2022] Offline Update 2 - Pre Launch 

  • Grow Lancer Weapon scaling improved (Difference in damage between BA and Manticore is around 10-12%)
  • Grow Lancer Damage dealt in PvP Reduced by 6% and vs some classes up to 8%
  • Dark Knight HP Scaling Increased
  • Seed - Damage Reduction % has been reduced in the early ranks but remain the same in the 6+ rank (check updated guides for more info)
  • Seed - Max Health Increase has been increased in the early ranks but remain the same in the 6+ rank (check updated guides for more info)
  • Seed - Excellent Damage rate has been reduced in the early ranks (check updated guides for more info)
  • Dark Knight Combo Damage increased by 20% combo will be efficient way of dealing damage vs some classes in the lategame.
  • Guardian Angel will now have 15% damage reduction working in both PvP and PvM (description in the x shop fixed)
  • Updated achivement system with latest achivements
  • Three Vacancies (aka Lapidary Stones) also added to Kanturu  Underground
  • Guardian Mount progression added from x50, missing options fixed.
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where monster path was wrongly calculated what could lead in "empty" attack issue giving feeling of "lag"
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where last hit given to dying monster was not displayed
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where Muun Defense Increase option was not displayed under "C" window
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where Bond skill remained active within party range while players stayed on different maps
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where Enhanced Fire Blood skill barrage count was set improperly
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where Elite Monsters of Wind and Darkness element applied debuff of wrong functionality, decreasing attack instead of defense
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where Elite Monster debuffs did not have an impact in Wizardry Damage
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where armor of mounts did not increase character's defense
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where certain accounts were not able to move to other channels
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where Elite Monster debuffs logic did not work properly
  • [FIX] Issue where Knight class attack damage calculation was improperly applied while using Strong Belief buff

[S17 -10.10.2022] Offline Update 1 - Pre Launch 

  • Class change was turned off
  • Crusher Charge and Spiral Charge in the Xshop fixed
  • Energy Elf heal skill issues with mu-helper solved
  • Drop Boxes: Red Box, Green Box, Purple Box and Box of Heaven replaced old chocolate boxes
  • Jewel of Extension (aka Harmony Jewel for the lucky set) has been removed from the X shop due to the system no longer working. People who bought it by mistake will be refunded.
  • Cloak of Death visual Damage and Defense absorption have been fixed to match the settings.
  • Golden Monster Invasion Turned ON
  • Monster respawn adjusted to same on all maps
  • Monster XP for regular and Master XP fixed
  • Item duration on the ground increased by 2 seconds
  • XP increase for lower resets will begin this weekend, more info shortly (our typical newbie / begginer boost, to help our newcoming players)
  • Dark Horse will now add additional SD to boost the early game defense due to lack of possibility of Fenrir+Horse. However, DL will gain a bit less SD overall to match the end game result where he was tested in PvP. So in the long run no changes but early game will be a little bit better. Horse + Guardian mount is still possible anyway.
  • Earring combination to Daze is now fixed
  • Minor quality improvements to map server transfer, this is first step to deal wth the Party Bug that happen sometime however it is not entirely solved yet.
  • Mass AOE skills on Castle Siege and Arca war will require mouse over targeting rather than just simple afk spam. Players will no longer be able to leave afk at the gates defending with long-range characters like MG/KU/SM
  • Errtel Rank up 3 and 4 turned off
  • Mastery Errtel Upgrade will be available at Rank 3 Opt 7
  • Mastery Errtel can no longer disappear upon upgrade, but regular errtels still can
  • Errtel Set bonus increased and will now give noticeable benefits - a full errtel guide is coming however will not be released until next week.
  • Guardian Mount options will give 1 additional option each upgrade and they will not be random anymore. See guide: LINK
  • Guardian Upgrading will now require more Red Stones on +10-+15 but the chance of upgrade is 80% (up from 70%)
  • DPS video presenting Manticore damage is available: LINK 
  • Added Pre-Notice to ARCA WAR - 15 minutes before registration is expiring. A lot of people missed that event because they forgot to register signs.
  • Added Elite Monsters in Underground Kanturu, just like in Abyss and Elite Canyone...these however are not easy to kill.


[S17 - 01.08.2022] Live Update x500 - Maze of Dimension

+ Maze Rewards updated.

+ Maze Difficulty adjusted

- Maze Mission requirements changed to speed up discovery time. -

- Punish Maximum Damage reduced by 50%

- Second Sub server has been turned off to squish players in one realm and increase player competition and interaction. Some monster timers have been reduced.


[S17 - 27.07.2022] Live Update 3

+ Conversion Order for BK, ELF, MG price in Ruud shop has been reduced from 30.000 to 2000 Ruud. This is an item that swap gear between STR and ENE items.
+ Arenil Temple Hotspots revamped to contain 7 monsters
+ Guardian Enhancer stones (Blue) drop rate increased by 80%
+ Guardian Engancer stone Elite (red) reduced by 60%
+ Elite Monsters in Scorched Canyon and Abyss of Atlans respawn reduced and amount of monsters per location increased by 1.
+ Guardian Pets Durability loss turned off

[S17 - 24.07.2022] Live Update 2

  • + Solid Protection Buff will now add proper flat damage to characters ( was not calculated properly before)
  • - Pet Skeleton Damage has been reduced from 20% to 10% to make Imp more important.
  • +Ancient Hero Soul guide has been added to the website to help players with the combination.
  • + Castle Siege Timer on web has been corrected ( it was showing Preparation for Siege instead of Fight timer)
  • + Golden Invasion Timer on web has been corrected (it was showing wrong hours)
  • + MUUN Durability will now be stable and should not decrease

[S17 - 19.07.2022] Live Update 1

  • +Lapidary Stone will now drop in Land of Trials
  • Second Subserver Launched due to high Online count 800+

[S17 - 01.07.2022] Pre-Launch Final Test

  • + Fixed issue where opening personal store was not possible for certain characters
  • + Fixed issue where data of personal store was not cleared after character deletion
  • + Fixed niche scenario where purchasing from personal store could result in item/price loss due to Gremory Case storage limits
  • + Fixed issue where Critical Damage skill output could become visually bugged
  • + Fixed issue where Golden Monster could spawn at incorrect locations and with corrupted stats
  • + Fixed issue where certain Muun options did not work properly after reset
  • + Fixed specific scenario where Bond buff remained active despite not meeting buff activation criteria
  • + Fixed issue of Reflection Barrier Mastery is stopping to work at specific scenario
  • + Fixed issue where Personal Store items did not load for newly created characters at specific scenario
  • + Improved case where casting a skill after clearing its cooldown (visually in client) could not cast the skill due to server/client cooldown mismatch
  • + Fixed issue where monsters of golden invasions could not spawn properly at certain scenario
  • + Fixed issue where check of distance of required party member class (LW or LM) did not work properly resulting it inappropriate Bond buff activation/deactivation
  • + Fixed issue where exchanging item of value greater than 2kkk to spirit stones was not possible or resulted in unexpected behavior
  • + Fixed issue where Nightmare was counting to drop items in Lorencia
  • + Fixed issue where level up points achieved trough class change quest were did not applied handled properly for fruits and reset systems
  • + Fixed specific scenario where newly created character could not open personal store
  • + Fixed issue where trading pentagrams with 5 slots caused Errtels to disappear
  • + Fixed issue where changing configuration of withdrawn time from Personal Store did not work
  • + Replaced Wing of Power reward from Labyrinth for 3x Jewel of Excellence. Players who owned them got the replacement reward as well. This was clearly not intended and result of a bug.
  • Reset Max cost increased from 250.000.000 to 350.000.000 but the price per reset is still the same "1.000.000"

+ New patch prepared to fix Golden Monsters, however it will require server maintenance. It is yet to be scheduled. We've noticed that if monsters are left alive for too long they will become very hard to kill

+ Some MUUN pets did not work from level 401 or 601, has been fixed now.

+ Achievement system installed

+ Solid Protection and Strong Belief orbs drop increased in Ferea and Karutan1/2

+ Renewed Personal Store trading system, now it supports cross-channel trading within same realm
+ Changed way of entering to Off-Trade, now personal store must be configured but cannot be opened - it will open automatically upon entering
+ Changed default locations with ability to open Personal Store, now it is only possible to open one in Safe Zones only
+ Changed placement of Zen price reward for Personal Store transactions, now it is paid to Gremory Case
+ Fixed issue where tower buffs duration, coming as reward from Arca Battle Event - will be 48 now.
+ Fixed issue where errtel of radiance was always created with same option
+ Fixed issue allowing to abuse Expansion of Wizardry buff
+ Fixed issue where Elemental Defense Increase option of selected Guardian items was not working
+ Fixed issue where DMG Increase LvL/20 was not properly applied for selected Mastery equipment
+ Fixed issue where Wings of Conqueror were treated as 3rd wing type what allowed to abuse Attack/Defense increase skill of 3rd skill tree

+Ruud Price for BA-DA-HA items nerfed to speed up early progression - now live
+ Abyss of Atlans, Scorched and Temple monsters HP nerfed by 25%
- Golden Invasion Monster turned off until 18 May (to avoid random afk deaths)

[S17 - 27.04.2022] - Maintenance

  • New Datacenter movement
  • Hardware swap

[S17 - 12.04.2022] - Live update 4


[Rework] BIG Guardian Mount rework - Ghost Horse, Ice Dragon, Pierce Lion mounts reworked to be just as good or even better than Fenrir Mounts, all drops and events connected to crafting has been adjusted

[Rework] Elite Monsters in Abyss and Canyon will now have less HP but higher Attack power, they will drop items to craft Ghost horse from scratch.

[+] High Maps will now drop Guardian Enhancing Stones Pink/Blues

[-] Elemental Damage / Defense on Wings level 4 slightly nerfed (15%)

[+] New Guardian / Fenrir guide added to the website and detailed drop adjusted

It is calculated that the elemental damage of a fully geared character can be tripled with full Pentagram/Wings and Pet compared.


[S17 - 07.04.2022] - Live update 3

[+] Golden Goblin Escape ON

[+] New Event Introduced WCOIN PvP Arena - Kill monsters to gain wcoin, pvp in the map is free of charge.

[+] Event Box in the evnet inventory will now be "dropable" in case players get a full inventory and dont want to /cleareventinv

[Rework] Some Invasion and boss monster spawn have changed for more optimal times - this is still work in progress, we basically want to move all events into hours where players are most active but also don't stack them too much. Timer on page updated (guide update coming)

  • Fixed 4 spots that were reported broken or overpoweraded.


[S17 - 07.04.2022]  - S17 Live - Update 2

  • [+] Golden Goblin Escape Fixed ( Firs start 07 April evening)
  • [+] Ruud Shop will now display correct Ruud values ( Socket item upgrade and Seed Sphere Upgrading were wrong)
  • [+] Bloodangel Shield will now have 1-2 Excellent options when buying from Ruud shop. (was bugged)
    • All angelic shields have been enhanced - their armor have been greatly increased to fit Reset Servers.  (Defense up from 80-140  to 600- 5000)
  • [+] PayPal payment option on web added
  • [- ] Mobile Payments have been removed due to player issues.
  • [+] General preparation for major Website upgrade complete.
  • [+] Introduction of Boss Kill Rankings Added ( will be available after major maintenance



[S17 - 04.04.2022]  - S17 Live - Update 1

  • [+] Scroll Of Wizardy Expansion will now contain text "Requires Marlon Quest" as it was unclear for some players.
  • [+] Lemuria Mage, Light Wizard Ruud spells, and general spells will now be available after reset at level 1 without relog needed.
  • [+] Dark Lord Critical Damage Buff requirements after reset set to 0.
  • [+] Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle Timers changed. Help tab in game and website timers adjusted accordingly.
  • Golden Invasions turned On


[S17 - 01.04.2022] Launch Date - x500 Opening

-Stability control check

  • Hardware Check
  • New layer of AntiDDOS installed.

[S17 - 23.03.2022] Pre-Launch Beta Test server

  • [+] Added crash dump file generation to game client
  • [+] Added ability to set own Lang.mpr password configurable from ServerInfo.xml (BMD)
  • [+] Fixed Labyrinth event entry group info not displayed properly
  • [!] Fixed dupe vulnerability
  • [!] Fixed Unleash Marvel skill does not work in duel
  • [!] Fixed targeted attack issue for selected skills
  • [!] Fixed Game Server crash
  • [+] Added Brilliant Mastery Set for Lemuria Mage and Light Wizard
  • [!] Fixed an issue where characters could bypass SD without having SD bypass
  • [+] Added manticore Orb/Book
  • [+] Added mastery mixes for newly added items
  • [!] Fixed an issue where characters could bypass SD without having SD bypass
  • [!] Fixed skill tree 4th wings damage increase for Slayer not working
  • [!] Fixed bad mix info for selected mastery mixes
  • [!] Fixed enchant effect (glow) for selected mastery items
  • [!] Reworked Sword Inertia skill attack logic
  • [!] Reworked Bat Flock skill attack logic
  • [!] Fixed configuration of SkilluseTeleport.xml
  • [!] Fixed LW's and LM's Exclusive Equipment does not work properly
  • [!] Fixed MuHelper does not auto-repair guardian items
  • [!] Fixed attack increase for selected character classes while equipping 3rd wings and having activated 3rd skill tree wing relevant option
  • Fixed Sword Inertia attack issues
  • Fixed Dragon Violent skill behavior & visual
  • Fixed 4th Wing Add Damage skill
  • Fixed issue where Elemental Defense +X (PvP/PvM) option was not applied correctly

[S17 - 01.03.2022] Beta Test server

  • New Website Created
  • New Launcher released
  • New Client Installer released

[S17 - 21.02.2022] Alpha Test server

  • All drop reconfigured
  • Re-Balance started
  • MG stances changed: 1h, 2h wizardry
  • All formulas recalculated to match PvP on S17

[S17 - 21.01.2022] Alpha Test server

  • New Client reconfiguration
  • New  Class Lemuria
  • New Class Light Wizard
  • New s17 Maps - Old and Burning Ketothum
  • Skill adjustments

[S16 - 21.11.2021] Season 16 Episode 2 Class Balance Update

We've noticed that some classes once they gain acess to 3rd skill tree are more powerful than others, that is why we carefully tested one by one and re-scaled their damage in the "mid-game" - that we call characters after 30-40 resets. To match their damage accordingly. Before those differences were 200-300% at some cases and now the difference will be only 20-40%.  Late game is not changed, so do not worry.

      • Mid-game damage reduced to match other classes ( Deathside was dealing way too much).
      • Berserker buff will now remove less HP / Def. Berserker Mastery will now work via skill tree.
      • Darkness Buff will remove less HP but add less DefAll Classes will now have similar early game and mid game however lategame does not change and balance still remains the sam
      • Mid-game damage increased to match other classes
    • ELF
      • Damage will scale differently giving ELF more damage in the mid game: Agility > Energy > Strength
      • Havoc spell will now deal less damage in mid-game
      • Chaos Blade will now deal less damage in mid-game and will be meant mainly for 2H Blade energy MG.
      • Fire-slash recalculated and damage increased
      • Twisting-slash damage changed
      • Dark Blast damage increased in mid-game
      • DarkSide damage reduced in mid-game
      • All skills damage reduced in mid-game.
      • Chaotic strike damage increased
    • SLAYER
      • Damage rescaling to match mid-game damage of other classes
      • Strong Belief will now work properly reducing BK Damage, Increasing his Damage and allowing to cast Solid Protection  on party

[S16 - 21.11.2021] Season 16 Episode 2 Maintenance 

- Spiral charge and Crushing charge bug removed ( sometimes abilities did not work or worked with double effect)
- UBER invasion reconfigured, some of the spawn points did not work and monsters spawned outside the map.
- Selupan boss teleport ability limited
- Gun Crusher Blessed Atchangel weapon buff fix - did not work properly.
- Some spots re-made to match the NPC quest guide - it will now move player to the proper spot location when selecting "Go now"
- Fixed Mu Helper Auto Heal not working on mastery character class
- Fixed selected Mastery Pentagram option not working
- Fixed expired wings keep adding benefits
- Fixed not working options: SmallSDPotionMixSuccessRate, SDPotionMixSuccessRate, LargeSDPotionMixSuccessRate
- Fixed errtel level upgrade fail at rare scenario
- Fixed harmony options do not display properly when two options are assigned to item
- Harmony Renewal options sometimes disappear after relog ( visual bug fix) - will now work properly.
- Fixed Harmony Option do not display after withdrawing item from Gremory Case

[S16 - 12.11.2021] Season 16 Episode 2 Update 003

  •  Elites in Abyss Atlans and SC adjusted - they will now have less hp but immune to poison.
  • God of Darkness and Nixie rewards adjusted to match boss difficulty - new drops available in the drop guide.
  • Archangel gun combination to Blessed Archangel added and fixed.
  • Uber Elite Invasion added with end-game rewards
  • Card Piees, Event Rewards and Muun Eggs will now allow players to drop them on the floor in case the Event inventory in full
  • Blessed Archangel weapons will now have enhanced damage to fit the game meta - It's power will be greater than Holyangel but weaker than Soul Awakening weapons.


[S16 - 10.11.2021] Season 16 Episode 2 Update 002

  • Added Fixed fire for GC to the Lorencia Skill shop NPC -
  • Added MG Renewal skills to the X Shop - for goblin points.
  • Changed guild requirement from 350lvl to 100lvl.
  • Changed some of the typos in the X-Shop
  • Edited new Ruud skills for certain classes to work after performing /reset
  • Before it required additional character relog but should be ok now.
  • Removed 380 and 400 level restriction for items, however kept 600+ level restriction to slow down the progress for those who get ahead.
  • Some map drop adjustments and drop changes on high maps
  • Stability control and anti hack log scanner update.
  • Skill description for Spiral Charge, Crushing Charge and Elemental Charge have been fixed. (Magic Gladiator) - Fire slash mastery
  • updated visuals and information in the skill tree (Magic Gladiator)
  • Devil Square PvP turned off
  • Life Swell visual and information improved in the BK Skill tree (Blade Knight)
  • Talisman of Luck, Talisman of Elemental assembly and Chaos assembly items edited to be able to sell to the NPC
  • Moss merchant information changed to more clear description
  • Goblin points for killing Ice Queen, Hydra and Red Balrogs have been changed to 100GP (up from 30)

[S16 - 03.11.2021] Season 16 Episode 2 Update 001

  • Added all Episode 2 features
  • Excellent option "Damage Decrease" increased from 4% to 6% on all items to compensate with the missing Old Harmony DDI options.
  • New event introduced UBER Elites - monsters that grand exceptional rewards and spawn on last maps
  • New Maps and items added
  • A lot of rebalance and stability controls


[S16 - 15.10.2021] Season 16 Episode 1 Update

  • Added all Season 16 features
  • New game Client with new Interface and Antilag with various features available in-game
  • New Class Gun Crusher + rebalance to fit rest of the classes
  • New Skills and 3rd/4th skill tree remodel
  • BK Class update
  • SM Teleport changes to skills while using teleport.
  • Adjusted overall reward system, drops, rewards to include Gun Crusher items
  • Added new 7th Mastery armors and 6th Mastery weapons via Ruud upgrading
  • New Guardian Pet added
  • New Pentagram system introduced
  • New Hunting Ground Temple of Arnil and Icarus
  • Level Cap Increased & Season Rewards
  • Elemental System Improvement
  • Jewel of Harmony Renewal
  • Gameplay improvement
  • Updated Elemental options of all wings to fit high stat server

[S15 - 29.12.2020] Update 1

  • Chaos Castle will now function properly
  • Life Swell requirement changed from 120 to 0
  • Soul Master Meteor Strike early game damage reduced by 15%
  • Added more ancient item sets to Illusion Kundun and Red Dragons (also increased chance of Hyon, Anubis etc.)
  • Slayer early damage increased by 10%
  • Pink / Blue / Red boxes drop rate slightly decreased.
  • Kalima map extra monsters added and Zen Drop increased - 27 Dec
  • Kalima Zen increased by additional 20% - 29 Dec
  • Kubera Golden Rush event introduced - Kubera will be filled with Rabbits that carry lots of ZEN! Check guides and event timers for more information. Event will take place 3 times per day.
  • Golden Invasion Turned ON

[S15 - 07.11.2020] Maintenance 03

  • Doppleganger event monsters fixed and will now work properly
  • Rage Fighter attacking randomly in party with DarkSide skill is now fixed
  • All Monsters defence rate and defence decreased by 30% - that will help physical classes to deal more damage ( BK )
  • All Monsters HP Increased by 20%
  • Energy Elf Greater Defence buff nerfed by 40 %
  • Energy Elf Greater Attack buff nerfed by 20%
  • Dark Lord Skills recalculated and will now deal proper damage. There are no changes to late-game Dark Lord. Only Mid and early game was too strong with certain skills.
  • 4th Class bug with decreased attack and defence is now fixed. ( Some classes, like SM dealt less damage after completing 4th quest )
  • Ruud Mastery Mix will now accept Excellent Ancient Items, meaning you can upgrade Excellent Bloodangel Armor to Darkangel and your Excellent options will stay. So if you want, you can invest jewel of excellence into them. Luck is always 50% upon next creation, so you may lose or gain it. Harmony options will be lost in the process. Full guide will be available on the website within few days.
  • Experience and zen drop is redesigned on all maps. It will properly scale so that all maps that require higher level will give higher XP as well.
  • SD shield is now set to final stage
  • Halloween event drop turned off
  • Celty's coin event drop turned off
  • All Web credits give extra 20%

[S15 - 02.11.2020] Maintenance 02

  • Galion Castle time increased by 2 minutes and HP of monsters nerfed significantly.
  • Devil Square 1-4 Nerfed - changed Monsters  ( staring with LT monsters to Kanturu )
  • Devil square Monkeys HP nerfed by 70%
  • Blood Castle early finish restriction raised from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. This was a last minute change so it might require additional testing.
  • Blade Knight Formulas adjusted so that investing in skill tree points will improve the previous skills and not the other way around. But BK early game PvE is still one of the weakest.
  • Magic Gladiator Formulas adjusted, there were some skills that gave too much damage early and will now scale properly.
  • Slight Elf damage formulas adjusted - changes won't even be noticeable
  • Red Dragon Invasion will now grant regular ancient items to counter X shop lucky sets. (dragon hp increased so that they are killable at 5-7rr)
  • Last Man Standing event will now gather players from 1-40 resets and 41-100 Resets. We know it is unfair and we will change it once we see higher participation, so far this event didn't even start in most cases.
  • Baseball Mini-game rewards updated
  • Overall Zen from monsters has been increased by 20%
  • Overall item sale to NPC is lowered by 400%
  • All jewels cost was decreased but now it's increased again to help out low reset players.
  • High maps such as Kubera / AA / Canyon Zen increased by 300% and will now drop tons of zen
  • Potion Girl added to atlans map
  • Aida and Deep Dungeon 1/2/3 will now be a Non-PvP maps.
  • Abyss of Atlans and Canyon will now be PvP Free zones ( no pk will be gained) We might change it to gens map in the future when more people will compete.
  • Zen per kill has been increased from 1kk to 3kk and will now multiply by 2
  • Free stat reset will no longer be for free
  • To help out new players, we have added 1 basic skill, 1 pair of mini wings and 2 random low excellent upon character creation.
  • Castle Siege Battle will now last 1 hour (down from 2)
  • SD (shield defence system) is now increased (stage 2/3) And will be increased further more when we enter late game.


  • [S15 - 29.10.2020]  [S15 - 30.10.2020]
  • Some monster power has been adjusted to match player progression. ( Deep dungeon 1-5)
  • Skeleton Ring is now available for goblin points
  • Few golden monsters attack rate was lower, it is now changed.
  •  Changed EXP BUFF Description to clarify difference in Regular EXP and Master EXP - In short this buff will not work on both Regular and Master xp. Player must chose, if you only have EXP buff it will change your regular XP. If you have it together with Master seal it will add xp to the master seal and will not add XP to the regular EXP. (More information in the X shop)
  • Box of Kundun +1/+2 etc. text tooltip is changed and will show what class it is for (when picked up.)
  • Celty's Coin was added to the item pool and will soon start dropping from monsters, this will be a special GM event for all players.
  • Gorgon in dungeon had issues with some items that players could not pick up - it has been fixed.
  • Donations were temporarily disabled this morning because Halloween weekend sale is coming. It will be enabled tomorrow.
  • Some of the MUUN pets inside eggs caused client error, they have been removed and replaced with pets of similar power.
  • Card piece drop has been reduced by 35% and will now no longer drop on low maps - to prevent abuse.
  • Sealed Golden and Silver box drops were slightly increased
  • Zen Time on the ground has been increased from 7 to 8 seconds (might take a server reload to take effect)
  • Item Disappear time has been increased from 13 to 15 seconds
  • Boss drop info has been updated in game and on the website we also added recommended player power tab
  • We are now working on Quest Coordinates, Devil Square 1-3 nerf
  • There are also some smaller bugfixes coming next with the next maintenance that will take place next week and will be announced this weekend.



  • [S15 - 26.10.2020] - Server Maintenance 
  • [+] /Offlevel feature has been activated (check command guide on our website for more information)
  • [+] MUUN Invasions have been activated
  • [+] Golden Invasions have been activated
  • [+] New AI Driver has been installed for our Firewall - that should make the server more stable
  • [+] Some changes to BC and DS time entrance has been adjusted.
  • [+] Castle Siege event started. Registration is Mon-Friday, Saturday is for signs of lord and Sunday for PvP Event. (check the event counter on web)
  • [+] Trade Web Credit = Wcoin option available also via "Account panel" click on the web
  • [S15 - 25.10.2020] 
  • [+] Web Credit = WCoin on the website is now enabled. You can exchange it on the website and use in-game Xshop.
  • [+] We have Turned off Golden Invasion for the time being as it probably ruin your AFK experience. We will turn them on when players reach higher resets.
  • [+] Formula Guide has been added to
  • [+] Bonus Event will now have 70X under its duration.


  • [S15 - 24.10.2020] - Server Start
  • [+] Player Disconnects due to DDoS attacks have been stabilized
  • [+] Chat filter has been changed to accept more words and "?" sign
  • [+] Slayer Pet is available on creation - but please get familiar with our MUUN pet guide on the website, Kaolin will still be better than slayers pet.
  • [+] Darkness Skill in X shop didn't give the proper skill - fixed
  • [+] Added Combat Quiver to noria shop
  • [+] Reset stat on the website is free for all players for upcoming 48 hours.


  • [S15 - 22.10.2020] - End of Beta
  • [+] GuideQuest (Soldier quests) will now send the player to the correct spot when pressing "Go Now"
  • [+] Added beginners pentagram on character creation
  • [+] Improved Slayer Agility build formulas
  • [+] Nerfed Slayer Twisting slash and combo damage
  • [+] Changed Errtel of Radiance: Bastion, Punish, Paralyze, Absorption, Binding  (a guide with more information will be released soon)
  • [+] Added Gorgon Monsters in Dungeon 1/2/3 - Spawning every 2-3 hours and give low excellent items  (killable at 0 reset)
  • [+] Reflect Seeds were nerfed.
  • [+] Some Boss drops were updated
  • [+] Added some early-game damage to Twisting Slash
  • [+] SD (Shield) will be turned off for 1 week
  • [+] Server will be shut down until Server Launch all accounts will be wiped. Thank you for playing on Open Beta.


  • [S15 - 19.10.2020] - Beta Restart 1
  • [+] Decreased Monster defence, attack rate, defence rate and damage slightly
  • [+] Reconfigured all Slayer formulas to match different playstyle. Agility build possible with Sword Interia. Bat and Pierce is still the strength and hybrid build.
  • [+] Dark lord early game tuned down slightly
  • [+] Dark lord mid game boosted slightly
  • [+] Dark knight early game damage boosted slightly (Twisting slash / stab etc.)
  • [+] Dark knight early mid damage boosted slightly (Twisting slash / stab etc.)
  • [+] Added summon monsters for energy elf ( now Bali deals extra damage to help with early quests if solo )


  • [S15 - 16.10.2020]
  • [+] Turned On Hash Protection system - file change detection
  • [+] Turned On IGCN Anti-hack - general protection in game
  • [+] Turned On PS Sistemas Anti-hack - deep system and client scan to ensure fair play
  • [+] Turned On Launcher protection
  • [+] Dedicated server equipped with Firewall AI
  • [+] Open Beta Release
  • [+] Small changes to general drop and boss drop
  • [+] Early Map spots now have 6 Monsters / 7 Monsters on Hot spots
  • [+] Removed GM Test shop from lorencia


  • [S15 - 08.10.2020]
  • [+] Fixed Custom X shop items not working
  • [+] Last PvP Balance closed.
  • [+] Closed Beta ended. Open Beta o be released.


  • [S15 - 01.10.2020]
  • [+] Added Element attribute to AllMonster
  • [+] Modified attribute name in functionality in VIpSettings
  • [+] Added new Reset System in game
  • [+] Modified news and information
  • [+] Added lang bits 781-784 to English.xml
  • [!] Fixed attempt of delete non existing player in LMS event
  • [!] Fixed Data Server crash
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [S15 - 23.9.20]
  • [!] Fixed monsters do not cause damage when attacking
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [S15 - 30.8.20]
  • [+] Added configuration settings to file, DoppelGanger_Event
  • [+] Added DoppelGanger event monsters 840-844 support
  • [!] Fixed Gremory Case reward issues when item level is greater than 0
  • [!] Fixed Game Server crash